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Channels letters are numbers or alphabets made in a 3-dimensional form and installed on a wall or a post. You can use them in your store or outside your store and they are known as a cheap way to showcase your brand name and message to your clients. At Panorama Marketing Production, we use robust Aluminum material that does not rust, stain or bend easily. Such factors make the channel letters to be durable and outstanding. Our team designs perfectly ensuring font size, colors and other decorations are made as to per customers expectations.

When it comes to customizations, 3 things matter and these include font, color, or style. Once you give us your requirements based on such aspects, we work towards ensuring all factors are perfectly rhyming with your request. To make sure your Channel letters are visible even at night, we include LED lights on them. At night, you put on the lights and all-channel letters become visible from all directions. We use the best-LED bulbs so you don’t need to always replace them. At Panorama Marketing Production, we promote your brand in a professional and economical way.

Colors don’t fade, Aluminum doesn’t rust and LED doesn’t burn easily meaning your channel letters will need very little maintenance. Our installation process is quick and all-channel letters are designed to perfectly fit on your site. If you have such requirements, let us know and we will design then and create them for you. Our team aims at delivering an exact copy of what you are looking for so that your business is represented to the public in the style you would like to. We combine creativity and experience to create something that will attract attention and make people flood your business.

Types of Channel Letters You Can Install to Your Business

Various businesses require different types of Channel letters. The location and nature of your business are what determines the kind or type of channel letters you should install on your wall. Below are some of the types you can install inside or outside your store.

The Halo Type of Channel Letters

These are channel letters meant to welcome people. They are clear even from far because they are made with acrylic back that contains the LED lights. Such channel letters are installed 1-2” off the façade. Depending on your business, we can create the best kind of halo channel letters and install them on your business building. Clients will be seeing your building from far and many will be attracted to your place to buy more and more goods.

Face-Lit Channel Letters

At times you want to achieve some attractiveness and the only way to do that is by ensuring you add some sparkling colors. To that, face lit is created by white acrylic face with different colors of vinyl on it. White acrylic disperses light perfectly to other colors thereby enhancing the visibility of the letters. Our team is good at this and you can be sure to get visible letters that will be seen from far. Face lit letters are normally used in clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment areas because people associate such mixed colors lights with enjoyment.

Day and Night Channel Letters

This is a new technology that enables has made it possible for people to use Channel letters during the day and during the night. The letters are not lighting during the day but at night, they turn completely white and visible from far. At Panorama Marketing Production, we are experienced, trained and we have the resources to even create the combined type of channel letters. This is where we include two or more types of channel letters and several vinyl colors to make your channel typical to your brand and expectations.

Why We Are Perfect Choice for Your Channel Letters

Panorama Marketing Production is always delivering the best services because it is experienced has the resources and it listens to its clients. Before we do our creation of the letters, we first listen to you and make sure your expectations are well-met. We use top quality materials to make the letters so they will not rust, bend or get deteriorated in any aspect unless physically tampered.


We are the best channel letter designers and installers you can get. It doesn’t matter the style or color you want; our team is always willing to deliver exactly what you are looking for. We have served thousands of businesses and they keep coming back, you will not be an exception.