Custom Floor Designs & Graphics Services

Floor Graphics Design Printing and Installation Services


We serve in whole GTA area: Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville, andToronto 

Panorama Marketing Production is the master producer of self-adhesive vinyl floor graphics in Canada and our pieces are in compliance with the safety regulations. For businesses that want to have compelling scuff and scratch resistant floor graphics, we are the right professionals you can hire so in order to get top quality pieces. We use premium ink to produce images at 1440dpi which is enough to make your floor graphics last up to 12 months without fading or reducing in quality even on high traffic areas. Creative designs, wonderful inks, and friendly team to always serve you to your expectations.

We First Design Your Floor Graphics

Our aim is to make sure every client is given the best floor graphics he or she has been imagining. For this reason, our team will listen to your demands, make sure all the features you want are noted down and primordial copy designed on the computer. We use Vivid and high-contrast colors to design the soft copy so that it looks realistic and attractive and attention-grabbing. Once you approve the soft copy, we will then proceed to print stage but if you don’t, we work on it to make sure it perfectly matches your expectations. The designs, character arrangement, colors and other types of attributes will be so perfect to make sure they all satisfy the clients.

Printing of Floor Graphics

After the designing process is over and the client has approved the copy, we then print the floor graphics. Printing takes into consideration the size of the place where graphics need to be installed. We can scale the vinyl material to meet desired measurements that will fit well on the area installed. Once we are done printing, we will then do final finishing which includes incorporating the best scratch and fade resistance. These two features are meant to make the Vinyl copy last longer and resist a lot of scratches thereby keeping it compelling and attractive at all times. Image quality is always at 1440 DPI so the graphics look so nice to step on.

We Install the Graphics for Our Clients

The final copy is now available and all that is remaining is to put it into full use. We want to make sure it is perfectly installed so that clients enjoy the best of their investment. For that reason, we take our time and make sure we install it to your store. Installation is done to make sure the graphics stick to one place and doesn’t move even if people step on it. We are reliable on installation exercise because we use top quality installation materials to ensure your floor graphics are in the appropriate position. For clients who want the installation to be done, they just assign us a full task from designing to installation.

Types of Floor Graphics We Can Design and Install

There are many things you can design and install on your floor. It all depends on what matters to your business and how you would like to create the perception to your clients.

  • Product Image Graphics. A good example is a restaurant that sells foods and beverages. We can design food images and print them for install on your restaurant floors. This will amaze and attract people because they will feel the seriousness of the restaurant in serving people.
  • Business Name and Logo-These are the most common type of floor graphics you can always find in retails and businesses. Such graphics normally mark a sign of welcome to visitors and serve to let people identify the brand quickly. We can design all names and logos perfectly until they resemble your brand nature.

Colors and Quality Are of Top Quality

Floor graphics are bound to fade and reduce in quality due to regular stepping on by people. Some people even drag objects on the graphics and we want to make sure they don’t affect the graphics. For this reason, we use tough materials and paints that will withstand all these stresses and keep your floor graphics. Most of our floor graphics are easy to clean because they don’t absorb moisture or soil particles so you just need to wipe the surface with a mop and you will be ready to use the place. We always offer excellent quality products at all times.