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Spellbinding vehicle wraps have become one of the most common advertising methods. As people drive their cars, the graphics attract the attention of the people around them and people start inquiring about their businesses. Our Panorama Marketing Production company is one of the best vinyl vehicles wrap companies that can actualize your idea into practical graphical brand imagery that will attract many people. Some people come for vehicle wraps just to enhance the aesthetics of their car or make it look more stylish than before, we can do that for. We install 3M films after we design your graphics requirements in accordance with your request or imagination.

Full Vehicle Wrap

This involves the covering of the whole vehicle. It is good because it provides a view to customers on either side of your car. Our team can design it on the computer and show you how it will look like before it is completely wrapped. You are able to tell the areas that need improvement and what colors you would like to add or remove.

Partial Vehicle

In partial vehicle wraps, you choose a specific part of your vehicle on which you would like wrapping to be done. We customize the wrap based on your requirements and we install it to match your standards. Partial vehicle graphics are well printed an image or the picture quality is always one of a kind. We use top quality printers that produce attractive and sparkling characters to attract your audience. Depending on the customer’s request, our ink masters can craft something excellent and beautiful for vehicle wrapping.

Vinyl Lettering & Decals

Lettering is something many people want and not all companies can do it perfectly. With our expertise, many years of experience and our creativity, we can design the best letters for your car. It doesn’t matter the colors or complexity of the numbers; we have the skills and resources to do the design and printing. All letters are produced on full HD so they will be clearly visible to your target audience.

Car Magnets

Car Magnets are like wrapped business cards. If your car contains one, you are exposing your business to the target audience and you may get lots of business deals. We design magnets in a professional manner to ensure they showcase all your business information. Some of the information we include on the magnet is business name, logo, contacts and address. The customer can specify the details to be included though so you will always enjoy the best outcomes.

Rear Window Graphics

Rear window graphics are for those who want to showcase their business but they wouldn’t like to use most of the parts of their car for wraps. Depending on the size and shape of your rear window, we can design fitting vinyl material with appropriate graphical content that can be installed at the rear window. Our team takes your request and scales it to match most of your requirements. We are good at customizations so you will get something that will match as though it was designed with your car.

Complete Color Change

For those who want a fancy color change on their cars, we can do that. It depends on customers requirements because we have limitless options for them. Whether you want one color, several colors, you want strips or if you want the colors to be distributed in zones on your car, we can actualize your dreams.

Our team of graphic designs will draw all plans on a paper then after that, you will be required to see and approve before it is printed. All colors are made in a crystal-clear manner to make your car shine and standout.

Exemplary Customer Service Experience

From the moment you bring your request, our team works hand in hand with you so that we deliver exactly what you want. Our friendly consultation process enables us to know your demands and also advice you professionally. After we get your designs, computer design is going to be made by our graphical team and you will be shown the primordial. Once you approve it, we will then print the wraps and install them on your car or vehicle. It doesn’t matter the size, we are experienced, skilled and possess the resources to serve our clients perfectly.


Vehicle wraps have been our major area of specialization for many years. We want to give you competitive graphics that will make you stand out from the rest. It is all about attention seeking and attracting emotions to your brands and we can do that through elite quality graphics.